Peace, Love, and Positivity - The MOVEMENT


WE, at PLP Enterprises and PLPwear, are committed to creating products, programs and concepts that contribute to the Positive evolution of the Human Spirit.  What if everyone in society had the intention to Create Peace, Spread Love, and Generate Positivity?  Think how different things could be. 

We all set goals and have intentions that may not be fully realized, but the mere action towards that intention can make today better than yesterday.  Human beings evolve over time, and there are many people on the planet working hard to push that evolution in a positive direction as fast as possible.  We hope that you share our perspective and choose to "wear your intentions, and inspire others to be their BEST selves." 

Peace, Love and Positivity is a MOVEMENT and PLP Enterprises is a consortium of creative entities that are growIng to support it.  The focus is on youth, because we feel that youthful energy and ideas have been behind most movements in history.  And Artists have been catalysts by giving voice to the passion and determination for change.  We are developing ideas like PLPx, a series of global artistic exchanges that bring you artists together to create works that confront issues that need to be addressed.  PLPeducational is a series of programs for students, as young as pre-school, that help young people celebrate the uniqueness and commonality of being Human, and confronts bullying by taking a stand for the OTHERNESS everyone.  PLPtv, will be a media platform that produces and broadcasts content that is Peaceful, Loving and Positive.  Other possible ideas include PLPmusic and the PLPfoundation.  Stay tuned and check us out on FB - and IG - @plpnation.